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Location To Be Announced | Q3 2020
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You've been great at keeping yourself busy... but not making any forward progress
It's time to follow a proven step-by-step roadmap to going from being busy to actually making money and getting your business up and running
Immerse yourself in a five-day intensive designed to help you not only learn, but take action to implementing The Ultimate Profit Model into your business... whether you're starting from scratch or you've already gotten started but want a smarter, faster way
As an entrepreneur, there are a million things that you can focus your time and energy on. At the end of the day, though, one thing will always be true:

If you're not getting people to pay you money, you're not growing your business.

It's easy to fall into the trap of spending your time on things that don't grow your business, so at Ultimate Profit Model Retreat 2020 you're going to not only learn everything you need to transform, launch, and grow your business, but over the span of five days you'll also be IMPLEMENTING everything you need, including:
  • How to get into the head of your perfect customer so you know exactly where to find them... and how to position your marketing and your offer in a way that gets them to say YES without needing to convince them or sell to them (when you do this right you'll know your market so well that people will instantly see you as THE expert that they want to work with and give their money to)
  • The Results in Advance Timeline strategy that will map out your entire marketing mix, from how your business can attract and generate leads, all the way through to your upsells and profit maximizers... whether you already have a business or are starting from scratch
  • How to craft and position a core offer that easily commands a premium price, consistently delivers clients results, and creates a raving fanbase for you and your business (because if your offer is wrong, you'll struggle... it's as simple as that... and when you construct an offer using the Offer Stack strategy you'll have a long list of people who are dying to work with you and buy your stuff... without you ever needing to convince them of anything!)
  • The secrets and core beliefs that will get you focused and taking action each and every day as an entrepreneur while 95% of other people quit and never get results (these are the secrets behind getting your name recognized and noticed out there so that radio shows, podcasts, and online publications all want to interview you and feature you)
  • The simple math that powers $10K per month businesses and how you can get there in a matter of months rather than years (so simple that you'll immediately recognize why some entrepreneurs succeed seemingly overnight while others toil away for years failing to grow a social media following, failing to ever make any money, and work more hours but make less than others)
  • What three things you need to focus on to consistently generate sales... all without you needing to be salesy, relentlessly follow up with people, or convince people that they need you (these three things will flip your entire sales process on its head... rather than YOU finding people, they'll come to you credit card in hand and will have to apply to work with you... giving you the power to choose who you do and don't work with)
  • The single most effective marketing asset that your business needs, and the step-by-step process to creating and launching it (in fact, during the week you'll not only learn about this marketing vehicle, but you'll build it using the UPM slide by slide templates... just plug in your content and you've got a marketing tool that will make people fall in love with you and your business)
  • The #1 reason why most marketing fails to get prospects into the buying mood, and then requires convincing, following up and endless back and forth emails... and how to flip the entire process on its head to lead with value and only interact with people who are ready to – and dying to – work with you
  • The real secrets and mechanics of six-figure sales and marketing funnels, and why a simple two-step funnel can take you to $10K per month within a matter of months (you'll see under the lid of a marketing system so simple that you'll wonder why you ever waited so long to build a marketing machine in your business, and you'll realize just how much time you wasted on things that never bring in any money)
  • All of the most affordable and powerful tools that the world's top marketers are using to send leads, prospects, and customers behavior-based marketing messages and interactions... so you can generate more clients, maximize profits, and deliver them the best results (all while spending less money and cutting out all of the fluff from your business... say goodbye to having to blog, post on social media relentlessly, and annoy your friends!)
  • How to setup automated and reliable traffic systems that constantly drive targeted, problem-aware, and ready-to-buy leads and prospects into your marketing machine (when you get this right, your business will grow whether you're behind a computer or playing tennis or riding around LA with the top down... ok, but that last one might make you an internet cliche, but it's true that you'll setup traffic systems that deliver targeted traffic without you needing to network or chase people)
...and so much more!
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Brian Lofrumento is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author whose businesses have reached over 3.5 million people in over 200 countries. Having built multiple six-figure businesses since the age of 19, Brian has taught over 4,000 entrepreneurs worldwide how to launch and grow businesses online using his Ultimate Profit Model framework.

Brian is the author of Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur, and he also hosts one of the top business podcasts in the world. As an expert in getting people from $0 to their first $10K and beyond, Brian helps students through his engaging, fun, and interactive teaching style, which is focused as much on implementation as it is on learning and building a customer-center business. 
The UPM Retreat Experience
Everything is included for an immersive week of action
The Sessions
During the day and evening sessions you'll learn key business strategies and implement them with the UPM team by your side. Sessions are collaborative, conversational, and about YOUR business!
The UPM House
This isn't just any other business event... it's an immersive retreat where you live with your peers and the entire UPM team in the mansion... complete with a pool and outdoor areas!
The Food
Our two world-class UPM chefs prepare the most incredible meals for the entire week so you don't have to worry about a thing. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks... get ready to treat your senses!
The Fun
What is entrepreneurship without FUN? (A job). Bond with the UPM team and your peers in the included nighttime and daytime activities that are meant to make you grow and get a taste of the good life.
Lodging, food, transportation (excluding airfare), excursions, sessions, and all materials are included
Join the Waitlist for an Invite
UPM 2020 is an invite-only transformational retreat that attracts a tribe of like-minded, determined, and real action-takers dedicated to serving their customers and building businesses that they're proud of. Take the first step to joining us at UPM 2020 by applying for your invite below. The upcoming retreat takes place during Q1 of 2020, and we will announce the location in Q4 of 2019. (Which means... GET EXCITED!)

It doesn't matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey... all that matters is what's inside of your head and your heart. We have one rule when it comes to turning away applicants: UPM has a strict no douchebag policy (for real, though... past attendees have loved that rule)

Whether you already have a business but you want to grow it in a more scalable way that better serves your audience and brings customers and clients to you, or if you're just starting out and don't have a clear direction or focus (yet), you'll hit the ground running. If you're fun, tired of talking about your business and ready to take action, and committed to finally growing a business that impacts people, we'll welcome you with open arms.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the details for UPM 2020?
Our team is gearing up for our 2020 retreat, and we're excited to announce the location! The event will take place in Q1 of 2020. It's a full week of immersion and implementation, where you not only learn important business strategies, but you sit down alongside your peers and the UPM team with your laptop and you implement, so that you leave with the foundations of a $10K per month business. During the week, everything is taken care of... so just show up and be ready to take action!
How do I get an invite?
One of the best aspects of UPM retreats is the people! From the UPM team to the attendees, we are extremely selective about who we let in, which is why we utilize an application and invite-only process. To get an invite, apply now using our quick application form, and from there you can schedule a phone call with the UPM team to see if you're a good fit. We have one very strict rule: no douchebags! (We're only half joking. But seriously). 
Who is this retreat for?
The Ultimate Profit Model is a step-by-step system to building a business that leads with value, delivers real results to your clients, and brings new customers and clients into your ecosystem with YOU positioned as the authority. Whether you already have a business or you are still working a 9 to 5, this retreat is for you if you want to sell a premium product or service that you're proud of... no matter what industry you're in. If you want to be known as the go-to guy or gal in your industry, have fun with your business, and experience more business growth and results than ever before without needing to network or get dragged down by rejection, a lack of focus, and a lack of action, then this is for you.
What is the week actually like when I'm there?
From the second you step off the plane, everything is taken care of for you so you can focus on your business (finally!). There will be a car waiting for you at the airport, there's a bed with your name on it, and world-class chefs will cook for you all week. Each day consists of three sessions: the day session (where you'll be learning and implementing), the afternoon session (where you'll be implementing!), dinner, and an evening session (very informal and conversational, and sometimes a fun excursion/activity). There is downtime scheduled throughout the week so you can jump in the pool, hang out, or just unwind.
What if I already have a business?
Cool! Whaddup, fellow entrepreneur!? If you already have a business, I'm guessing you might still be scrambling for your next customer/client, or maybe you have an unpredictable and unreliable way of generating new leads. Or... maybe you just want to create a flood of people who look up to you as the expert and come to you with credit card already in hand. If that sounds like you, we'll teach you how to build an automated, value-first marketing machine that brings new customers and clients to YOU, leaving you with happier clients who get even better results... and a happier YOU because you'll get to choose who you work with!
What if I don't have a business idea?
That's cool, too! In fact, the Ultimate Profit Model process starts not with your business idea, but with who you want to serve. From there, we'll be using Brian's Results in Advance Timeline strategy to build out a marketing mix and a core offer that serves those people and gets them real results (which means happier clients, and a happier and more fulfilled YOU!). If you don't have a business idea yet, you'll leave UPM 2020 with an immense amount of clarity about your business, and even better than that - you'll leave with the foundations already built. Apply above and we'll chat on the phone to see if you're a good fit!
What's included with UPM 2020?
Literally everything is included in your UPM tuition aside from airfare. If you're accepted into UPM 2020, your tuition covers your spot in the UPM mansion for the week, all food (and snacks) for the week, transportation (including to/from the airport), our fun excursion, and all course materials... andddd just maybe some surprise gifts along the way! The only additional expense you'll have is your airfare, but that should run you around $500 roundtrip, and in many cases much less than that.
What happens after the retreat?
Way too many business events and conferences get you crazy excited and motivated... but then that momentum stops and you end up right where you were before you went. After UPM we keep the momentum - and results - going by having group calls every other week, where UPM creator Brian Lofrumento and all attendees video chat to get their questions answered, their funnels implemented and launched, and their marketing campaigns cruising. We have four group calls over the span of eight weeks following the event.
What will I go home from the event with?
You'll leave on Friday with all of the foundations of your business and marketing system. By the time you leave, you'll have already implemented and built out your ideal customer (also known as your customer avatar), your Results in Advance Timeline, your entire core offer using the Offer Stack strategy, and your lead magnet (or Video Sales Letter), which brings people into your marketing ecosystem and gets them to want to work with you. You'll go home with all of the materials from the week on a golden USB key drive, including all of the worksheets, and over the span of our group calls you'll learn how to actually build your system using marketing technology and how to launch your marketing campaigns!
How much will the entire week cost me?
Ahhh, of course, the question everyone asks. The early bird tuition for UPM 2020 is $4,995, and once our early bird spots are full the price increases to $5,995. We understand that this is an investment... it's meant to be that way. This is a retreat meant to change your life, change your mindset, and change your future. It's an investment in yourself. If you're motivated enough and serious about taking action, the money won't stop you. The real question is... how much will it cost you to not take action? How long will you keep trying, bouncing from idea to idea, starting and stopping, before you buckle down and transform your life, mindset, and business? In addition to tuition, you'll have to get your own airfare, but then everything is taken care of. 
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