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Business school doesn't teach entrepreneurship...

Mark Twain famously said you shouldn't "let school get in the way of your education." The fact is, business school doesn't - and can't - teach entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an art that has to be experienced to be learned.

Starting a business remains a core component of the American Dream. Entrepreneurship is the great equalizer, where anyone from any background can create their own life of prosperity... given the right advice, strategies, focus, and determination. Entrepreneurs call it the "hustle."

In Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur, Brian Lofrumento reveals the most important lessons he's learned from 10 years of being an entrepreneur, and reveals the information, insights, and strategies that one of the country's top business schools failed to teach him.

A staggering 39% of employees in the United States want to start their own business (these are wantrepreneurs), but are inundated with outdated business advice and resources that don't take them behind the lines of what entrepreneurship really is.

Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur focuses on the strategies and lessons that wantrepreneurs need to start and grow their first successful business, whether they're still working a full-time job, are in college, or have tried their hand at entrepreneurship before.

This book is packed with knowledge gained from some of the world's biggest entrepreneurs, like Seth Godin, Suzanne Evans, and Peter Voogd. 

Having started his first business at the age of 19, author Brian Lofrumento knows what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, what obstacles entrepreneurs face, and how to set yourself up for success as quickly as possible by providing value in the global marketplace.

Brian's businesses have reached over 3.5 million people worldwide, and he has worked with over 3,000 students, helping them launch and grow businesses across a wide range of industries. Brian's work has been featured in The Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, Search Engine Journal, and radio outlets throughout the United States. 

Meet the Author
Brian Lofrumento

Brian Lofrumento is an internet entrepreneur, speaker, and author whose businesses have reached over 3.5 million people in over 200 countries. Brian built a six-figure SEO agency at the age of 24, and has helped over 50 clients from around the US and over 3,000 students from around the world grow and automate their businesses by implementing high-converting sales and marketing funnels.

Brian has been featured in some of the world's top media publications, as well as podcasts and radio shows around the world.

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What Readers Are Saying About Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur on...
A must read if you've struggled with entrepreneurship
Review by Chris Lockwood

Brian drills down into the actual problems that face entrepreneurs which are more internal than external. This will seem rather simple on the surface, but it's a lot harder than most people think - you MUST do something every single day to move your business and your goals forward and Brian makes that abundantly clear in the book. To make it simple, if you've ever wanted to start a business and just can't seem to get out of your own way to make it happen, you need to read this book.

A must read for every "wantrepreneur" and experienced business owner alike
Review by Evelio Pereira

All 146 pages of this book come packed with invaluable motivational and educational content. I read the book cover to cover in one sitting. It's one of those books you simply cannot put down.The book covers everything from getting in the right mindset to how to really handle competition. It's one of the few books that I feel the writer truly understands the reader and has been in the trenches before. It is packed with life lessons and case studies that help drive home the point of each chapter.

READ THIS BOOK if you are serious about building your dream business
Review by Juliet Lever

As a Lifestyle Redesign Expert I cannot recommend Brian's book enough! I work with women who want to relaunch their lives and this book gives the business and practical side to creating a life on your terms! I love it. Anyone can be an entrepreneur if they want it badly enough, and Brian's book makes what could be an overwhelming process both simple and clear.

I've been an entrepreneur for about a year now, and I can MOST DEFINITELY say that Brian's book would have helped me get to where I am today faster. As I read the chapters, I kept thinking "that would have been so helpful to know a year ago". And I mean that. Brian is the real deal. He has some of the coolest stories about his path to entrepreneurship and he shares them in a hilarious and helpful way. This is not just some self-help book, but a book filled with passion and advice that will get you motivated to finally make the push to break out of your 9-5, prove all your friends wrong, and take the leap of faith into being an entrepreneur.

Dave Rogenmoser, CEO of Market Results

This is such a great book for every aspiring entrepreneur for three reasons: 1. The steps and process outlined in the book help break down the massive goal of going from "wantrepreneur to entrepreneur" and any massive goals need to be broken down into small steps in order to be attained; 2. This book is a blend of Brian's personal experiences combined with quotes, inspiration, and examples from many well known business celebrities; and 3. Brian consistently delivers such incredible value in everything he creates.

Rachel Gogos, Founder & CEO of brandiD

Brian is the special type of entrepreneur that truly wants to see the people he crosses paths with succeed. Whether it's writing about the hustle you need to get into that top 1% or the limiting beliefs that hold people back from realizing their true potential. This book was a great read, and contained the formula that it takes for people just starting out in the "scary" world of entrepreneurship, to finding success using an easy-to-understand "roadmap". I loved the book and the way Brian tells stories, and injects his sense of humor in getting his important points across. This book is perfect for those of you that have that fire of "entrepreneurship" burning inside of you, and are looking for the best way to get started. I highly recommend it!

Tiji Thomas, Creator of the Unselling System

I was amazed at the value packed into this relatively short book. But it makes sense. Brian clearly isn't a "fluff" kind of guy; he only wants to provide value—to his customers and to his readers—and that's exactly what he's done in "Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur". I loved Brian's no-nonsense (and often hilarious) tone and his approach to getting any business successfully off the ground with a laser focus on the necessities (mindset, focus, and hustle, to start). There are so many incredible books on sales and business and marketing and so on, but for anyone who's simply looking to successfully start their own business, this is truly the only book they'll need to start. And I know I will continue to go back to it, whenever I need reminding of where and what I should focus on to make my business a growing, successful one.

Jenna Arak, Freelance Copywriter, Editor, & Writer

Brian, an experienced entrepreneur who has started many successful businesses, helps new entrepreneurs harness their abilities in building their business. Brian’s diverse business experience from blogging to SEO and coaching make him an ideal mentor to any new entrepreneur. Brian's past experiences have had a significant impact in helping me build my business. Brian’s book dispels many myths about entrepreneurship and adds innovative ideas such as working with your competition. If you have a business idea that you have always yearned to begin then I urge you to read Brian’s book. You will not regret it!

Jordan Payson, Creator of Excel for Business

In Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur, Brian Lofrumento reveals the most valuable lessons, insights, strategies, and tips picked up over nearly a decade of being an entrepreneur. 

Inside this book, you'll find everything you need to know to finally START and GROW your first (or second or third) successful business... even if you're still stuck in a 9 to 5 job.

You'll learn...

  • The #1 thing that new entrepreneurs must focus on to maximize their chances of success
  • How starting every day can help you achieve your goals
  • The truth about your competitors and how they can impact your business, especially at the beginning
  • The single biggest threat to your success as an entrepreneur (it's not what you think!)

Ch 1: Starting!

Discover the secrets behind how to actually start your business while everyone else waits on the sidelines and delays. Learn how Brian launched his first business and reached 3.5m people worldwide.

Ch 6: Competition

Learn how to benefit from competitors in your industry from day one. Discover how to have them help your business get off the ground rather than being enemies!

Ch 8: Biz Strategy

Learn the quickest path to growing your business to six-figures by providing value in the marketplace, no matter what industry you're in. Avoid the biggest business pitfalls that most entrepreneurs make!
If you're serious about starting or growing your first successful business, get your free copy of Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur now while supplies last!
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